Baaad Anna’s Yarn Tasting at Maker Place

Dianne Gibson’s Maker Place hosted Baaad Anna’s Roadtrip 2018 Wednesday night. Ladies gathered to sample many kinds of yarn, enjoy the colours and share ideas! Also a lot of munching and snacking. Maker Place was full of beautiful colours of yarn!The ladies were excited by the touchy feely of the gorgeous yarns. Paula, owner of Baaad Anna’s, points out some differences in the yarns to Brenda, her upcycled garments are available at Maker Place.Cecelia and Rachel have only been knitting a few years. What started them on knitting? Cecelia rides a motorcycle, saw a leather jacket with Cowichan inserts, and like all fabulous women knew she could do it herself. However first she had to learn to knit. So off they went and learned how to knit!So amongst the digging, the drilling, the total destruction of peaceful reatail space, the Dressmaker is making it work.

For information on up coming classes or if you want to book the space, connect with Dianne at Maker Place.

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Road trip following Rhodes in BC.

Sandra Dietz, has come all the way from Ilkey, Yorkshire, England to BC to do research on Fairview and other early mining sites. Sandra sat down with many historical buffs and gave a very informative talk Wednesday afternoon at the Museum!

Sandra and her sister Jane, are following the routes of  early prospectors and investors like Cecil Rhodes, the rich diamond mine magnet from Africa, who was in our little valley in the late 1890’s looking for gold up at Fairview mines.

Jane Manwaring, sister, Larry Shannon, VP Ok Historical Society, Valley wide, Vance Potter President, Sue Morhun past President, seated Sandra Dietz

Sandra is a great story teller and I found her knowledge of the  history of our hood really fascinating. I am looking forward to the book she will write from this . . .Rhodes trip . . sorry had to say that!

I’m thinking we should invite her back for a book signing!

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The Plainsrunner – Chapter 21


Sage settles in, unpacks her panniers and starts her new life.  Now all she needs to do is find work and get an education.  She also gets a taste of the city’s casual contempt.

<a href=”” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Download chapter twenty-one.</a>

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Good Morning Oliver!

Totally enjoying the “Stay Cation”!

In the continuing saga of City Girl vs the Oliver Outback, Mother nature is winning! Would I expect anything different.

Dianne Gibson, the Dressmaker popped by no skin on grass. One cup of tea later, when she leaves, one snakeskin on the grass.

And I have not see her since.

I could set my watch by her. It was amazing she would slither out from under the step at the same time every morning. Must admit I am pleased she has relocated. The skin was fascinating. To me it felt like a  soft leather shamie. This is the underbelly, the whole thing was intact. It was the patterns and textures in the grass that caught Dianne’s eye when she was leaving the house. Needless to say we photographed it in many different ways and angles. And so ends, I hope, the saga of City Girl VS the Snake that moved in. . . and out!

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The Plainsrunner – Chapters 19 & 20


Having made her deal with the Professor, Sage gets a little more education in the workings of the city, then moves into her new lodgings.


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Feeding the Bellies of Oliver!

Vagabond Kitchen Food Truck is open for lunch on Station Street, the street to be on!Graeme gives you the secret to their tasty food. Vivian, the other half of the team, is a trained chef.Last weeks menu drenched in sunlight!Happy dinners, great food, the best location. Talk to Graeme or Vivian about catering an event for you.

Vagabond Kitchen, feeding the Bellies of Oliver . . Lunch is ready!

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