Changes in the Air

Dear Oliver,


Thank you so much again for the support.’s main goal is to bring you the good news. I know they say if it bleeds it leads, however I am going out on a limb to bring you just the good stuff.

Screen-Shot-2018-02-04-at-3.56Featuring the book, The PlainsRunner by Jim Bowering will be a Thursday event. Getting lots of good feedback on the story and people are waiting for the next instalment. Jim and I want to start an online bookclub. Have to figure that one out.

Mondays will be the day Leza Asks You is published. This is a revamp of my hardcopy column where I ask young and old their opinions on life in general. The little ones always crack me up.

Sundance's Eye

Practice 5×5 board of a Horse eye by Janice Goodman, done in one of Terry Isaac’s classes

You are also invited to send me photos of your art work, we are building up a photo, fine art and sculpture online galleries. Feel free to add links to your websites. We are here to support the Arts.

Bare with me as I work through the growing pains.

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The Night Owl.

Available for your collecting pleasure, The Night Owl by Dawn MacRae.

Night Owl by Dawn MacRae 16×20 Acrylic

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Pedicure Special Oliver Beyond bliss

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poster advertising Oliver Tourism Annual General Meeting

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Wake up and smell the coffee

Or should I say Bonjour!

Baguette and Brioche, 6222 Main St. Our own real French bakery with baker the beautiful Danielle.

Always styling in her matching hats and shirts, Danielle is up before the crack of dawn.

Creating fabulous Viennoiserie French Artisan Breads.

And the sweet pastries, almost to beautiful to eat, are a wonderful way to start your day. Or just stop in with a friend and solve all the world problems over her fine cups of coffee.

Thank you Danielle for these tasty treats right here in Oliver!

Good Morning!

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Sick as a Dog!

My beautiful Chocolate

Why do we blame our sick days on man’s best friend?

I looked it up and it is from the 17 century, because dogs throw up it said . . . Hummmmm

My beautiful Chestnut and the wee Dr. Ling Batman

If that is the case I’m thinking sick as a cat! With hair balls, attitude and I am going to eat all the grass I can then come inside and throw up all over your clean floor, I am thinking Man’s best friend is getting shafted.

I have been sick as a cat these past few days. This bug knocked me on my ass! I  could not lift my head up off the pillow and if I moved, well I barked like a seal.

This bug is going around Oliver, take care of yourselves out there.

I’m thinking I might want to buy stock in Buckley’s, taste like turpentine but stops the coughing.

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