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Happy Happy Sunday Oliver!

The cat is annoyed ’cause I won’t let her out side. She holds me personally responsible for the weather drop in temperature! She also does not want to go outside, just sit there as I calculate how many electric units per minute race out the door?

Cold weather, cloudy days all part and parcel of the November, December days that drives some of us crazy. I love it! Being from the coast it feels like a warm sweater!

With these days comes for me,  the most dreaded holiday of the year!

The first inkling of Christmas bobbles and Santa in October, you know the stuff across from Halloween stuff in all the stores and my brain goes into a meltdown.

A few weeks before Christmas I start to feel okay about the up and coming dinner and game.

That is what Christmas has become to me. A monopoly game with one intention-to get both Park Place and Boardwalk! And laugh and talk and eat lots of good food with friends.

It has nothing to do with a little guy being born. Even though I do toast his birth.

So as more homes put up lights and more Christmas trees go up, the quiet sparkly joy of the season envelopes me.

This year I got to be the Santa Photog.

Seriously, something I have wanted to do for ever. I even applied for the gig at Semiahmoo Mall at the trial run of my retirement. They hired me into customer service . . what were they thinking . . . I suck at that kind of nice!So with the help of our fabulous community and lots of volunteers to give little kids that spark from Santa, and we have a wonderful perfect Santa here, onward and  upward let’s make a very simple special Christmas.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Last day!

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Santa Baby . . Photos with Santa today!

Good morning!

Breakfast with Santa today at Oliver Parks and Rec and I get to be the photog!

Another one off my bucket list! Always wanted this gig.Nice Fire! I chopped and chopped wood all day to get this fire . . . Oh wait . .  just turned it on from You Tube. Cat loves it. Works for me!A sparkly scene when I look out the studio window. Off in the back ground are Val’s beautiful blue lights, Outdoor Girlfriend looking very spiffy and the reflection of the Christmas Tree.

The sparkle of Christmas . . . nice!

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Colour Theory 101 at Oliver Parks and Rec!

Every art student must do a colour wheel at least once! Or not!

I gave my guys a break and they only had to explore one colour. To make it more fun they were introduced to Mondrian and walked away with great abstracts. Worthy of the master himself.And I know I got through to them when they look at me and say I never would have mixed blue and orange . . . love it!

They survived Colour Theory 101!

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Day 4 and 5 of Advent of Kindness

Day 4, Hold the door open for someone. Day 5, Give a friend or loved one your full attention! I liked this one!I did hold the door open for a friend and yesterday I gave my full attention to 3 friends! All this kindness is helping me get to  . . Christmas . . .

However playing around with stuff, actually thinking of pulling it apart for some steampunk stuff  . .  I opened this pocket watch and found the date of 1918 inside. Happy 100 years! I’ll leave it in tact.

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Time to Pamper Yourself at Beyond Bliss!

On day 3 of the Advent of Kindness, I bought coffee for some of my fav hard working ladies!And found a wee baby sleeping.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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