iPhone Lesson at the Library

Photo and Story by Marion Boydimage1This is the first photo I’ve sent from my iPhone.

I sent it this afternoon when I was at my iPhone lesson at the library learning how to use the darn thing.   The program for seniors is free and it is excellent.   My teacher is a young student who is very patient.

At last I can see the beauty all around me, take pictures again and know how to share them with people like you.   I sent my first try to you because I know you to be a good teacher too and you don’t write off seniors like me even when I make a mistake!!

The picture is taken from the bridge right by the library just before my class today.

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2018 election ad

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The Plainsrunner – Chapter 50

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 5.16.00 PM.pngWe’re down to the last few weeks of this experiment.  It’s soon time to say good-bye to Sage and Tallgrass.
Their meeting is cut short by the arrival of the Sunwardians.  Supervisor Steel tries to convince them to be careful with their weapons, but they are not easily convinced.  The Sunwardian vessel might be lost forever.



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Vote October 20th


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It Poured Trees Today at Oliver Parks and Rec!

Lots of fun was had today as we poured our way to an orchard of beautiful trees. Some just wanted to keep the cells and not add the tree. It is magical how the paint moves.

IMG_2863It is all about the chemistry!

IMG_2866Next week found object sculptures. You have your homework!

for info on Drop-ins connect with Katie at Oliver Parks and Rec.

Just another peek at their fun work.
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Happy Wednesday!

Take A Walk on the Wild Side!IMG_2813Chores done, gutters cleaned, nothing to do? Wonder down to the river.IMG_2767The river is always amazing! The constant changing of the colours and sounds. However we saw more scat than ever before at the start of the path . . . and still we wondered on.IMG_2803Enjoying the colour off the path, on a rock. The only sound is the river, the wind and the birds. Magic!IMG_2805A closeup on the situation.

A great day for a walk!IMG_2840The Riverstone Brides . . .  Rosé in progress!IMG_2845Nice quiet peaceful spot . . . right?

Just below this is a beaver carcass!

Now we know why all the scat!IMG_2847Home!

The beaver remains, the snakes, saw a tiny one, the bears, the coyotes, the grapes, Mother Nature’s Art. . .  all part of what makes Oliver awesome.

However the beaver’s family might not think so.

That was one of those reality check moments!

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Larry Ad-01

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