Good Morning Sunday!

I see doves and black birds and a hawk . . . he cleared the room!

It takes about a half an hour and they are back again. Quail, a few morning doves and lots of ringneck doves and the ones I call the little blonds and redheads. They all pair nicely with morning coffee.

Yesterday afternoon a hummingbird was at the back door! I could have touched it! The only thought I had was don’t breathe!

Arty Smarty at Oliver Parks and Rec ended with a whoot.

We were lucky enough to have very special guests, Biologist Lauren and Pluto the Burrowing Owl join us.

As demonstrated I don’t know how to draw an owl! They need a smile!

Children’s thoughts come out in art, yesterday was one of those days.

Serious concerns with love were expressed and a fear of Owls was addressed successfully.

From under the table, to a makeshift work station as far away from Pluto as possible, we put a safe distance between them.

A few moments later . . . back at the desk, a painting of the owl and a photo bravely standing close, not too close . . .  to the owl.


This is why Sally and I do this. We have our projects, however if they have something else in mind we really encourage their own ideas.

That is were the best art comes from!

Arty Smarty will start again Saturday, April 13 from 11 to noon.

Connect with at Oliver Parks and Rec to register.


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Hot Stuff at Maker Place

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Maker Place Orchards are in Bloom!

14 Ladies and good conversation . . .Pair well with paint and creativity!Our hostess Dianne with Councilwoman Aimee add Mother Nature’s spring lace to their trees.Patti finishes her Cherry Blossom’s with a signature!Thank you Claire! You wanted to paint Cherry Blossoms . .  your wish is our command! So much fun! I love the way dancer Andrea’s Cherry tree rises onto the stage.

PS The painting of the dancer behind the dancer was done about 2010. Collected by Dianne before she came to Oliver. Is it up for re collection? Is that a word? There are many Artists represented at Maker Place. There should be a wedding under that tree Miss Isabell! This was so much fun! I tell my students if you don’t do the project I assign and do your own thing I am even happier . . . Martina makes me smile! And she takes really good care of our pets!Love the way the trunk turns. In Vicki’s I see a woman holding up a veil of Cherry Blossoms! Absolutely beautiful Cris!Instead of flower corey got this class and an evening with the ladies! We all thank her  Hubby!How much fun was this?

We had a waiting list so we will have another Cherry Blossom Paint Night Wednesday March 26 at 6:30. Connect with Dianne at Maker Place to register!Enjoy these on your walls for many years to come. Congratulations Ladies on your fabulous results!

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It is snowing again . . . oh good . . . NOT

Some days snow happens. You don’t want it! It is cold! You want it to go away but you wake up and here it is, back again.

Snow like the outer “S” word happens to the best people. When you least expect it.

It has been a year since I dealt with the worst experience of my adult life. And I am still “working” through it.

It was a very bad crash and burn.

It is very hard to pick yourself up by the bra straps and move on. Baby steps at first, then a bigger step, then a crash backwards.

You get up again dust yourself off and try to  take another baby step forward. And yes a step backwards hurts almost as much as the memory you are walking away from.

But like the snow . . . the shock will be replaced by  the joy of spring.

Something to work towards and something to look forward to.

Good Morning Oliver! Make it a fabulous day . .  in spite of the snow. Think of it as Mother Nature’s designer lace.


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Tea Party!

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than with a Japanese Tea Party.

Michiko introduced us to the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

We started with a tasty rice and bean sweet, then individually we all enjoyed the ritual of being served the Matcha Tea by Michiko.

The beautiful bright green tea has a wonderful taste. I do enjoy a great cup of tea and this was tasty!It was a lovely tea party for all ages. We learned about another culture and the value of a good plastic pink tea cup and matching tiara!

Happy International Woman’s Day!

And Thank you Michiko!


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In Honour of International Women’s Day

Oliveronline is celebrating two wonderful women in Oliver.

Councilwomen Amiee and Petra.

Both ladies take time from their families, jobs and selves to serve our community. They step up to the plate, stick to the beliefs of the people they represent and listen with open hearts to the opposite opinions!

I thank you both for doing a great job that 4,995 people, give or take, in Oliver don’t have the guts to do.

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Just when you need it . . Kids Art!

IMG_5171“Strength” in progress by Davin.”

Davin is very focused and has a plan to achieve his vision of an elephant and her baby on the savannah.

On a smaller canvas he mixed colours, checked them out, does this work? Then he decided on his colour palette. After a few studies of elephants and the composition, Davin was prepared to paint!

Just for fun last week we dumped paint and mashed it around . . . IMG_5176“Spotted Valley” by Davin, 2019

IMG_5179We spent a lot of time analyzing the light and shape of the elephants wrinkles . . . a familiar subject . . . Davin’s challenge next week will be his colour matching.

I just remember what Picasso said . .“If I don’t have red, I use blue.”

Stay tuned for the results!



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