Just when you need it . . Kids Art!

IMG_5171“Strength” in progress by Davin.”

Davin is very focused and has a plan to achieve his vision of an elephant and her baby on the savannah.

On a smaller canvas he mixed colours, checked them out, does this work? Then he decided on his colour palette. After a few studies of elephants and the composition, Davin was prepared to paint!

Just for fun last week we dumped paint and mashed it around . . . IMG_5176“Spotted Valley” by Davin, 2019

IMG_5179We spent a lot of time analyzing the light and shape of the elephants wrinkles . . . a familiar subject . . . Davin’s challenge next week will be his colour matching.

I just remember what Picasso said . .“If I don’t have red, I use blue.”

Stay tuned for the results!



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Tea Time at the Front Street Gallery!

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 1.59.43 PM

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Pl@ss, Baby on board!

Andrea, aka Doulandie, is a professionally trained and certified Massage Specialist, Dancing for Birth Instructor ™ and a DONA trained Birth and Postpartum Doula. “IMG_5080Dancing and stretching with a baby onboard and one in your arms . . .  not easy.

IMG_5081Baby and Mom are having a great time!IMG_5091Piggy Back . . .

IMG_5096Let me help gravity Mom! We don’t want you to float away!IMG_5083For info on this class and others at Pl@ss connect with Andrea at

Phone or text @ 604.842.5050


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Art One-oh-One Skeleton is out of the Closet!

Bringing my friend Bella Bones to class!IMG_5130Measuring her up!IMG_5145You could hear a pin drop with the concentration going on.IMG_5142 (1)And underneath our thinking cap is a little butterfly.IMG_5143Dancer Andrea . . . IMG_5146has got Bella Bones’s back!IMG_5149Observation, comparisons between Andrea and Bella made for a better understanding of drawing the human body.IMG_5151Like other primates we have opposable thumbs. Ours is longer than most primates and it helps us grasp things more easily.IMG_5153Dancing . . IMG_5159Dancing . . .In all my years in Art Schools . . 8 . . . plus many many drawing classes. . . I have never had a skeleton in class. We were fascinated by her, examined her, moved her limbs counted her wrist bones and all of us know we look just like her on the inside.IMG_5152the results . .  by Artist Diane Game.

The skeleton is very complex, imagine drawing one. This skeleton is a cast it is illegal to have real human bones.

And this is what we do at Oliver Parks and Rec.


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Art One-oh-One

Enough of the red carpet, back to reality! Art classes start tomorrow. Are you registered?Art-101-cycle-2-2019

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Time for Arty Smarty!

 We took the time to learn about old fashion clocks and how to tell time in Arty Smarty! Love the hands on this soon to be Winnie the Pooh clock.Clockwork Orange. Love watching the young artist make sure he has all the number needed for a clock! Even that pesky number 9!

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At the Library

Penelope Johnson and JoAnn Turner present a workshop on graphic design. Part of their series on getting your events noticed.A full house was in attendance.Two more left in the series. Sign up now . . never stop learning!

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